NFL Picks Week 15: Lions Get A Win And All We Get Is A Lyin’ African

Week 14 came and went and was upside down and many teams played like a bunch of bums (Bears, Packers, Broncos, Jets, Vikings, Bengals). Will the bum streak continue? Or will we see some good football in the final three weeks. Only time will tell. In the meantime, PICKS!!!!!

49ers (5-8) at Chargers (7-6)- this is one of those headache causing games. I would compare this to me as a child because most of the time I didn’t care about anything until it was crunch time ala The Chargers. I must have been a pain in the ass. I’ll take The Chargers.

Saints (10-3) at Ravens (9-4)- showdown in B-more. The thing is (that other teams have discovered) you can throw on Baltimore. That spells a big time problem for the Ravens when the Saints come through. I’ll take the Saints.

Cardinals (4-9) at Panthers (1-12) CRAZYTOWN OR SUBLIME ??????????????? Panthers.

Jaguars (8-5) at Colts (7-6)- weak AFC South. Colts can be run on. Jags can be passed on. Who messes up the least will win. I’ll go with Colts.

Chiefs (8-5) at Rams (6-7)- battle of MO and the catch is; Will Matt Cassel play? If not, put your chips on the Rams.

Redskins (5-8) at Cowboys (4-9)- Redskins are simply gross this season. Grosser than people that have blackheads in their ears, gross.
Easily grosser than this…

What mall let you pervs in? Cowboys.

Bills (3-10) at Dolphins (7-6)- Did anyone watch Chad Henne do absolutely nothing AND WIN!!!!?????? Sixty yards passing?!?!!?!?! Bills.

Browns (5-8) at Bengals (2-11)- Did anyone watch Carson Palmer do absolutely nothing AND LOSE??!?!?!?!??!?!?! Two pick sixes!??!?!??!?! Browns.

Lions (3-10) at Bucaneers (8-5)- Lions show up. Play hard. Fall flat in the 4th. Bucs win.

Texans (5-8) at Titans (5-8)- Will there be a brawl is the only interesting thig about this game. Texans light it up.

Eagles (9-4) at Giants (9-4)- One of the handful of awesome games this week. This could be for home field advantage in the playoffs. I’ll take the Giants in a bruiser.

Falcons (11-2) at Seahawks (6-7)- Can anyone tell me what version of the Seahawks will show up? Falcons, I guess.

Broncos (3-10) at Raiders (6-7)- Same question as above but I feel that the Broncos have given up so I’ll go Raiders.

Jets (9-4) at Steelers (10-3)- Theoretically a good game. Both teams often are punchless on offense. Steelers, on the other hand, have a defense that makes things happen. I’ll go Pittsburgh.

Packers (8-5) at Patriots (11-2) Packers with or without Rodgers will make a world of difference in the spanking. Regardless, the Packers have no running game and are entirely one dimensional. Patriots keep on rackin’ em up.

Bears (9-4) at Vikings (5-8)- Vikings have abandoned all hope with Tavaris. Sorry, dude. Bears.


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