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4 responses to “…AND THEN THERE IS THIS GUY

  1. Weedsteeler

    Iove this one…can someone hurry up and animate the gif of the woman hitting him with the purse and falling

  2. This Panama City, Florida story made the Columbus TV evening news Wednesday December 15. The story between the lines is that the shooter is an ex-con and, as an ex-con, isn’t eligible to hold a firearm under Florida gun-control law. If he is still on parole, the conditions of his parole probably include a “possess no firearm” term. Gun control law wasn’t an effective protection for the public officials attacked in this video.

  3. honkeytonk

    Exercise your second amendment right to avoid future situations such as this.

  4. The woman who pummeled the gunman with her purse: She should be admired for having the right instinct but let’s hope she now understands that she is out of touch with reality. Guns always trump lesser weapons.

    The impulse that drove the gunman to the school board meeting is also understandable. His wife lost a job and nobody noticed or cared. “I signed the papers but I had no idea who she is or what she did for us.” What a chilling statement.

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