A total of four bodies have been found near a Long Island, New York, beach by authorities searching for a missing person, police said.

The first body was found Saturday, and three more were found Monday, Suffolk County police said.

All were discovered on a quarter-mile stretch of Oak Beach, “which indicates they were dumped there by the same person or persons,” Suffolk County Police Commissioner Richard Dormer said. “It’s too coincidental that there were four bodies in same location.”

He said police could be dealing with a serial killer but have not been able to sufficiently link the bodies to make that determination.

The bodies were found stuffed in bushes along an isolated strip of waterfront property, Dormer said.

They were in various stages of decomposition, and police said that at least one of the bodies could have been there for as long as two years. Two of the victims were female, Dormer said.

Authorities were searching for Shannon Gilbert, 24, of Jersey City, New Jersey, when the bodies were found. Gilbert was last seen alive May 1, WABC reported.

Suffolk County Detective Lt. Gerard Pelkofsky told WABC that Gilbert worked as a prostitute and had last arranged to meet a client on Fire Island, about a mile from Oak Beach. “Common sense tells us it’s not a coincidence,” he said.

It was unclear whether any of the bodies had been identified.



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