2010 was a blast, without further ado:

1. BP

These dudes are straight gangster… doing the money walk in a big way.  When was the last time the “rich rapper” you like took $32 billion and threw it in the ocean?   Oh and it’s funny that the spill topic hasn’t come up in conversation for like 4 months.  BP WIN, KORN FAIL.

2.  GOLD

Gold had a nice run-up this year, and is inching me very close to my first million $.  Schinzel/Peter Schiff called that shit in like 2008, what took everyone so long to catch up?  Look for gold to defecate all over the dollar again in 2011 and bring us closer to financial collapse.


I don’t need to say anything else on this topic.  Don’t argue with me.


I disregarded this band when they came out, but what the fuck happened?  Do you hear those kick drums browe?  While all the beardos talk about Ghost, Animals as Leaders, and Nachtmystium on, I will be over here jamming to some real occult Canadian black/death.  Indie fgtz nearly ruined blackmetal for me, and the lack of good releases last year might have put the nail in the coffin.  Basically waiting for Inquisition’s new one to drop.


So many commodities on my list, but did you see what kind of a year Sea Salt is having?  Lindt chocolates, Cape Cod potato chips, and even Wendy’s is messin’ with sea salt….pour some of that sugar on me.


I’m pretty much a bandwagon fan at this point- but people from Columbus are allowed to be free agent NFL fans.  My top team is Miami, but I loved the way Cleveland ended last season and will root for any Ohio team that isn’t comprised of “on the low gay” reality stars. Look for them to win the super bowl long before the weakling Cavs bring home the bacon.


What up slime?  Rugby from up to down, that’s what’s up.  I find it to be obnoxious and both pre- and post- American heritage trend- making Rugby the coolest brand of 2010.  Gossip Czar and I know that most good fashion trends start on 145th and Broadway.  Get it before they move it on and take all the logos off.


Everytime I go to LA the place blows my mind, Maxfield and Opening Ceremony are defo the best two shops out there right now.  One for the older creeps and one for the younger creeps.  I keep reading Bret Easton Ellis books, watching American Gigolo and thinking about how great/depraved LA really is.  I mean where else can you go to get a $15k alligator case, ancient trophy skull, and an Hermes clock all in the same trip?

Here is a great yelp review:

Honestly I hate coming to Maxfield. I only come here during work hours to get ideas and find something that will help me design something. The people who work there are mostly very old with bad style who stare at you and follow you around each time you touch something. They have so many people working there creeping out on you left and right. I just recently went to Maxfield and half of the store was having a sale. I went to the other room where the new items where located and the snobby lady with the bun said, “Im sorry that room is not on sale items”.


Seriously go back through and find me a better movie from last year.


Come find me goddamnit.  Forget your friends, loved ones, working out, reading, television- ruin your life with this game until the weather warms up.


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3 responses to “BEST OF 2010 (EDITORIAL PIECE)

  1. brandon

    Been on Weapon since Camp David. Check Mortualia (sp?) “Blood of the hermit” for my favorite black metal joint.

  2. zippered pee hole

    best post


    DAMN…you just bodied the game.

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