Weedsteeler’s Best of Columbus 2010

Are you sick of Old Media sucking the dicks of the highest paying advertisers in the form of a year end list?  well, so am i.  don’t get me wrong, i love good jaw as much as the next guy. Being the diabolical hater that i am, there is nothing i hate more than knowing someone else is getting their dick sucked, even if i am getting head myself.   So instead of letting Old Media have all the fun, the weedsteeler staff just got a glass of water and are ready to, well, umm… i guess the picture says it all…

List after the jump.

Best privately funded art center – wexner center

Best Cult – Xenos

Best scandal – marvin the robot stabbing

Best drug epidemic – Oxycontin

Best swindle  – the people who live in skylab being bums and almost getting evicted and then begging for money on the internet.

Best joke of the year – that wonderbread bullshit

Best news source – Weedsteeler.com

Best local paper for lining a bird cage with – Columbus Alive

Best local record label – CDR – out the trunk (tie)

Best bar – Bernard’s (nard-dogs)

Best live venue – midgard comics

Best band – unholy two

Best rapper – Catalyst

Best DJ – Detox

Best new band – human boys

Best new band other than human boys – mugger

Best band I have no interest in hearing – karate coyote

Best budget brunch spot – lindeys

Best local eatery – Yau’s

Best hospital cafeteria – grant medical center cafeteria

Best macaroon- pistacio vera

Best place to get raped- 4 kegs closet

Best late night food- M’s southern style

Best lunch buffet – Kahoots

Best crime problem – murder spree

Best dancer – Ed Luna

Best Internet joke – the fact that the two main local blogs are run by people who live out of state (sorta)

Best waitress – Liz Lessner

Best thing about not living in Columbus – the pussy

Best pussy out – American girls

Best blow job -British girls

Best skin lightening – Mayor Coleman

Best new graffiti writer – ALOT

Best use of public money to encourage the talentless – street art commitee

Best short north gallery – oh wait.. there aren’t any!

Best place to masturbate in public – 15th and high.

Best place to get accosted by suicidal bums – 18th and high.

Best place to fuck in public – Evolved tattoo front lawn.

Best place to murder someone – Behind bernies.

Best tattoo parlor – the one that hired Darius

Best place to score – weinland park

Best new store – voodoo denims lounge 😦

You won’t be around in 2011 award – Rad Dog



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9 responses to “Weedsteeler’s Best of Columbus 2010

  1. The Catalyst

    I’m wearing my bright ass weedsteeler.com sweatshirt right now and it’s obviously bringing me good luck, seeing as how I didn’t do a damn thing this year. I HEART YOU WEEDSTEELER…. stay tuned as I fully dedicate myself to going for the gold and winning the coveted Big Kahuna award on New Years Eve at GET RIGHT.

  2. brandon

    Midgard was 161 and Cleveland? Not so coincidentally, best taco trucks, “H” and prostitutes AND best use of an Uno’s Pizzeria (now a dental office).

  3. bucket

    i had a midgard comics numetal band that never left the ground when i was 13. i shit you not, our name was Ender.


    the only blog that offers criticism

  5. You picked Bernard’s over Lisska Bar!?

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