NFL Week 16 Picks: Was The Movie ‘Collapse’ About The NY Giants?

Holiday rush an order of collapse to the New Meadowlands stat!!!

Not an Eagles fan but goddamn. I was rolling with laughter watching Vick destroy everything. Thought my $$$ on the Eagles was gonna get me some broken kneecaps but what an ending. NFL= STILL ILL.
I could wax poetic about this week forever but we ain’t got time for all that…PICKS!

Panthers (2-12) at Pittsburgh (10-4)- I was expecting one of those Steelers moments on Sunday and it didn’t happen. That said, remember when I said Panthers last week. Don’t make a mistake and make that picks this week.

Dallas (5-9) at Arizona (4-10)- this game really hurts to write about. Kitna v. Skelton. Put Skelton in the grave. Cowboys.

San Francisco (5-9) at St. Louis (6-8)- I had some step-great grandparents who were pretty wealthy and they always played the lottery and won nice sums of money frequently. This game is like that, neither of these teams really deserve to be in the playoffs. Rams.

New England (12-2) at Bills (4-10) benched starters for the Pats? I would.

Baltimore (10-4) at Browns (5-9)- mark this one down. Khemsurov’s feeling the Browns and I am too. I have a number of Steelers fans that are Browns supporters. Make midwest football sick again. Browns make it a game.

NYJ (10-4) at Bears (11-4)- Good game on paper. Jets anemic offense may show up but these Bears are no slouch. I’ll take Chicago.

Washington (5-9) at Jacksonville (8-6)- will the media stop talking about the Redskins?! Doubtful, as long as REX GROSSMEMBER keeps getting the starts. Didn’t Shanahan watch the Bears implode with that dude before? Jags.

Tennessee (6-8) at Chiefs (9-5)- there are times at the end of the season where teams run outta gas and so do the writers. What can be written about this except Chiefs win.

Detroit (4-10) at Miami (7-7)- Miami…..dude……wtf???? Lions for the win.

San Diego (8-6) at Cincinnati (3-11)- abandon the run and see what relying on Carson Palmer gets you? Eleven losses. Bengals return to momentary greatness?!

Indianapolis (8-6) at Raiders (7-7)- “Controlling their destiny blah blah blhaghghghhhh” is all you hear about the Colts. Raiders punch their ticket. Mark my words. McFadden runs right up Peyton’s ass.

Houston (5-9) at Denver (3-11)- have you ever listened to Jim Rome? I do sometimes and it is the most painful talk radio. He is by himself, with inaudible audio samples and often has the unfunniest “skits” with himself playing other people. HE LOVES TEBOW. Nuff said. Houston

NYG (9-5) at Green Bay (8-6)- I’ll take the Pack of A Rodgers plays.

Seattle (6-8) at Tampa Bay (8-6) there possibly can’t be anything interesting said about this game. Seriously.

Minnesota (5-9) at Philly (10-4)- this is the flex game?

New Orleans (10-4) at Atlanta (12-2)- falcons have a nice home streak going. Should be the flex game. I’ll see ya’ll at BW-3s. Let’s make it happen Columbus. Looking at you Shinzel, Khemsurov and any other pro (football) lifers.


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  1. Weedsteeler

    I’ll be there, gonna bring Trevor from envenomed and his trigged out drum kit

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