WeedLeaks: New Year’s attacks to be led by Ghandi Sahmarani

Weedsteeler.com is a news agency committed to bringing the best possible journalism we have to offer. With that being said, new information networks have recently been opened to us providing strictly confidential intelligence pertaining to issues in the Middle East. Therefore, going foreward, as new information makes itself apparent, we will be giving you the scoop here before it hits national coverage.

Known terror networks have been constantly shifting in response to intelligence monitoring. The strongholds for radical islamic terror factions in Pakistan, Yemen, and North Africa gave way to those of Somalia and Iraq. Case in point, most recently, the bombing attempts in Europe, which took place in Stockholm on December 11, was carried-out by an Iraqi who was dispatched and later claimed by Iraqi Al Qaeda. Additionally, Somalian groups were at the root of the following:  the nine men charged at Westminster Court, London, Monday, December 26, with conspiracy to carry out bombing attacks on the US embassy, the London Stock Exchange,  political and religious figures, and the twelve men detained in Rotterdam for planning attacks in The Netherlands during Christmas. It seems that the terror networks have shifted now to a Lebanese terror cell.

It was reported across mainstream media last week that there was a heightened potential for terror attacks throughout Europe during the holiday season. Meanwhile, purportedly, twelve individuals left from Ain al-Hilweh, a Palistinian refugee camp located near Sidon, Lebanon, en route to European destinations to carry-out acts of terrorism. These twelve were disclosed as members of the Syrian Jund al-Sham, the Lebanese Army of Islam,  and Fatah al-Islam. Circulating warnings of holiday attacks coupled with a timely disappearance is not a clear indication, but could be a probable lead.

On  Saturday, December 25, commander of the Lebanon branch of the Jund al-Sham, Ghandi Sahmarani, was reported by Beirut media to have been ‘mysteriously’ discovered dead in a back alley of the Ain al-Hilweh Palestinian refugee camp, his hands bound with barbed wire and having sustained a gunshot wound to the back of the neck. Curiously, Sahmarani was a Lebanese citizen and did not live in the Ain al-Hilweh camp. Therefore, conclusions were drawn that he had been abducted, brought to Ain al-Hilweh, and put to death.

Above: Ghandi Sahmarani, who was reported dead on Christmas day.

Unique information cables have come to allege that although the body of the dead man was openly shown to journalists to corroborate Sahmarani’s death, the body was in fact that of a doppelganger. Sources suggest that the events surrounding the killing of Ghandi Sahmarani were a ploy to conceal his departure to lead terror attacks. Supposedly, the real Sahmarani went missing the same day as twelve men from Ain al-Hilweh. A European counter-terror intelligence source has traced the group of alleged terrorists to Turkey by way of Syria. There they are supposedly convening with other disparate terror cells and partitioning into smaller factions; one group is allegedly destined for Western Europe via the Balkans and one has remained in Turkey where it may go on to a Middle Eastern destination to carry out attacks on or around the New Year. Other groups whereabouts are not yet known but believed to be en route to selected targets. However, the Palestinian-dispatched group is expert in laying false trails and their movement is as of yet not corroborated.


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    the trick is do i not read all of it and risk missing a joke?

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