NFL Wildcard Picks

You may be wondering what does Weedsteeler know about the NFL. I haven’t tallied my win/ loss record this season but betting against the spread I went 151-116-7 to win some $$$. Playoffs are a different beast and here area this weeks PICKS!!!!

New Orleans at Seattle- this game is going to stink. Seattle wasn’t impressive at all last night. The stadium was bonkers but that is it. Saints all day.

New York Jets at Indianapolis- Pizza baron and foot fetishist and general fatso is on the Super Bowl wagon again. Funny that the backup QB for the Jets looked better than Sanchez last night. I’ll take the Colts in a close one.

Baltimore at Kansas City- Cassel was hurried and hit last night and wound up losing. Flacco has looked marginal for the past two weeks. I guess defense will be the name of the game and I will take Baltimore to do it.

Green Bay at Philly- Contain Vick, Jackson and McCoy and you will win. Easier said than done but if there is any team in the NFL that can hang with that it is the Packers. Packers seal the deal.


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