If you read the blog you should know that Weed$teeler are great collectors of Murder Memoribilia, therefore I want to bring attention to a news story out of Northern Ohio.

100 copies of Akron-based heavy-metal band Fistula’s latest album, “Goat,” received an evidence baggie containing soil  from the front yard of the dead human collector Anthony Sowell.  That is the same house where the remains of 11 women were found last year.

The cover art also includes a photo of Sowell superimposed on an evil goat drawing.

Inclusion of the secondary marketing relic sparked a national controversy over whether one could profit from gore-drenched crimes.  The outcry from sympathizers of the victim’s families has not stopped the band from selling the special edition of the album.  It is also not illegal to distribute such items.

Sowell’s attorney Rufus Sims gets a kick out of it.  “I’m sure that album is selling like hotcakes on Imperial Avenue,” Sims joked. “After looking at 4,500 photographs of some pretty morbid stuff, this news brings great levity to my day. I think it’s pretty humorous, and quite frankly, we could use a little humor right now.”

This is not the first famous soil sample sold and probably won’t be the last- a bag of John Wayne Gacy crawlspace soil sells on the market for around $40. A Senate bill introduced in June would entirely stop the flow of such memorabilia from prisons nationwide.

But the federal law would not control manufactured products or music and would not stop dealers from selling items related to heinous killings.

“It’s the repetition of the story that hurts,” Florence Bray said- a family member of the victims. “Eventually you have to give people a chance to heal. All I can tell you is that it’s been over a year, and it hurts today like it did last year.”

The band has since sold out of the evidence package.  If you are overseas you can forget about trying to get soil through customs.  Maybe find some Fritzl soil instead?



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  1. btw thanks to Tony Envelope for the tip

  2. honkeytonk


    Pow x4, Bitch I’m bustin’ at ’em
    Pow x4 , Bitch I’m bustin’ at ’em
    Pow x4, Bitch I’m bustin’ at ’em
    Ain’t no talkin’ homie, I’m jus’ bustin’ at ’em
    Pow x4, Bitch I’m bustin’ at ’em
    Pow x4, Bitch I’m bustin’ at ’em
    Pow x4, Bitch I’m bustin’ at ’em
    Ain’t no talkin’ homie, I’m jus’ bustin’ at ’em

  3. bucket

    can i order this through W$?

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