NFL Divisional Playoff Picks 2010

Somebody just stepped in dogshit

Ok, so I’d be a liar if I didn’t spend all weekend on the couch, eating chilli and about a dozen treats from Pistachio Vera and watching every second of football. I went 2-2. Not bad especially since the Seahawks get a suprise win?! More on that in picks!!!

Ravens at Steelers- could there be a better game on Saturday? This will ruin my plans of catching the Mexican Sci-Fi movie at the Wexner. Oh well. There is no legit chance of predicting who will win this. Two teams, too even. I’ll go Steelers because it is at home (didn’t matter last time).

Packers at Atlanta- ok, two insane match-ups on Saturday. I really can’t wrap my head around this one either. I like the Packers chances. Matty-Ice may not have seen a defense like the Pack this season (well, since the Steelers game early). Buuuuttt this one is Atlanta (in a godforesaken dome). Pack have nothing to lose in this upset.

Seahawks at Bears- this is what I didn’t want to see. Ewwwww and eewwwww. Bears are suspect or at least as suspect as the Seahawks. Both are prone to making some middle school level mistake that will cause the game to self destruct. You saw Seattle get a penalty to push them out of field goal range, right? Someone will make a mistake of that caliber, I guarantee. I’m going to take Seattle because Marshawn Lynch had the siiiickkkeeesssstttttttt run. Seriously, 67(?) yards with a bunch of broken tackles and a stiff arm that was wicked. They deserve it after trouncing the Saints. (Also, if the Packers win and the Seahawks win then the championship is held in Seattle?!?!??! Ignorant!!!!!!)

Jets at Patriots- foot fetishist, pizza barons and overall fatsos rejoice. Sexy Rex is showing you how it’s done or at least did last week. The trouble is the Patriots are playing football on a completely different level. This won’t be a blowout but it won’t be nice either.


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