COLUMBUS, OHIO (WEED$TEELER) A body is found in a Short North parking garage Monday, and detectives continue to investigate. Columbus officers responded to a parking garage at 45 S. Vine St. at about 9 a.m. Monday.Arriving officers found the body of a white male in the southeast stairwell.

BERGENFEILD, NEW JERSEY (WEED$TEELER) Last Thursday (January 20), police raided rapper Juelz Santana’s recording studio, “Santana’s World”, in Bergenfield, New Jersey, reported New York’s Daily News writer, Michael J. Feeney on his blog mfeenz.blogspot.com. During the bust, a member of Juelz’s Skull Gang crew, Hynief, was taken into custody for drug charges. During the raid of the studio, officers also found two fully-loaded 9mm handguns as well as marijuana and boxes of ammunition. Gun charges have yet to brought up.

LONDON (WEED$TEELER) — Britain’s Royal Air Force scrambled jets Monday to escort a passenger plane in for landing after a man made threats on an Etihad Airways flight, authorities said.

The British national, 37, was arrested on arrival, police in the county of Essex said.
The flight was bound for London’s Heathrow Airport from Abu Dhabi, but was diverted to nearby Stansted Airport.
The plane landed safely and the airports are operating normally, officials said. There were no injuries.

Moscow (WEED$TEELER) — Terrorists detonated a bomb at Moscow’s busiest airport on Monday, killing 35 people and wounding another 152, Russian authorities said. President Dmitry Medvedev, who called the bombing a terrorist attack, ordered additional security at Moscow’s other airports and transportation hubs, and Moscow police went on high alert in case of additional bombs. GREAT. now air travel in europe is going to turn into the pain it is in amercia.

ST. PETERSBURG , FLORIDA (WEED$TEELER) — Two St. Petersburg, Florida, officers were fatally shot Monday while trying to find a suspect on an aggravated battery warrant, Police Chief Chuck Harmon said.A third officer, a deputy U.S. Marshal, was shot twice and wounded but was in stable condition, officials said.

DETROIT (WEED$TEELER) — The man who shot officers inside a Detroit police station had a relative who is scheduled to be sentenced for double homicide Monday, said the city’s police chief, who would not confirm that as the motive behind the attack.”We can’t speculate as to motive,” Chief Ralph Godbee said in a news conference Monday. “There is nothing in this that makes sense at all.”Lamar Deshea Moore, 38, walked into a police precinct Sunday and “indiscriminately began firing,” Godbee said. He was shot and killed by return gunfire from police, according to the chief.


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