Super Bowl GLBT: One Ring To Rule Them All

Al Davis, Raiders owner, after going on MTV’s Made: Gollum Edition.


How many times can you hear “old-school” or “smash mouth” and the game is still a week away. Jesus christ, it’s maddening. In my opinion, this will be a good game. No blow-out but one of those games where whoever makes the first mistake will likely lose. The two teams had a shoot out two seasons ago but I really don’t see that occuring.

It will be a three to seven point Steeler win.

Why Pittsburgh? Tough run defense and good pass rush will put all the weight on Rodgers to win. Remember mid-season when the Packers were without a running game? Repeat that. Steelers can run on the average Packers run defense which will eventually open up the passing game.

The other given is that you will see Meth-face Fergie nude in the 2010 “nip slip” contraversy dubiously titled “Labia Launch” to the tune of “London Bridge”.

Ya’ll fuck with us, suck a dick mane. Stay Satan and I’ll see you next season.


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3 responses to “Super Bowl GLBT: One Ring To Rule Them All

  1. martin

    is ferggie playing half time?
    or are you just trying to bump up your sound scan by tagging black eyed peas?

  2. zippered pee hole

    Bump up the soundscan. Bump up the soundscan. Bump up the soundscan. Bump up Tony Yayo. Bump up all the world’s statistics. Everywhere. All numbers need to increase. He look like an injured penis wrapped in gauze poking through a zip up leather track suit.

  3. brandon

    Black Eyed Peas are playing halftime.

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