This Week In Foreign Rap: Money Boy

The internet is the great equalizer for information. You can be a total backwoods redneck and have the illest collection of South American folk records because you have access to that information. In Third World Europe, some folks have used the internet against humanity to bastardize rap music to some insane level. What Money Boy is doing is beyond me but enjoy….

Next week, I’ll post anti-terrorism rap songs and the groups they’re beefing with…the pro-terrorism groups!!!



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4 responses to “This Week In Foreign Rap: Money Boy

  1. The Catalyst


  2. zippered pee hole

    He has a raccoon tail on his leg while sitting on a couch?

  3. brandon

    He is clearly rich by the outdated Express menswear, segway and lives near an expensive car dealership.

    I wish I had the time to count how many times he touches his hat. It really bothers me.

  4. r.

    is dude deaf? he at least got a touch of the downs browe.

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