Controversy: Pieces You Don’t Normally See

ok. i was going to lie and say that we had curated this show but then i went to the ohio historical societies web site…..and man does it need a facelift! hopefully they will contact us to re-design it….anyways, the show look worth checking out.

An electric chair and other artifacts of Ohio’s darker history are featured in an upcoming exhibit that will restrict younger visitors.”Controversy: Pieces You Don’t Normally See” opens April 1 at the Ohio Historical Center in Columbus. Children younger than 17 will not be allowed in unless accompanied by an adult.The show also will include a 19th century wooden cage for restraining Ohio mental patients, an aluminum mitt that once kept children from sucking their thumbs and a 1920s Ku Klux Klan hooded robe.

The Columbus Dispatch reports that the electric chair— nicknamed “Old Sparky” — hasn’t been on view publicly since tours of the old Ohio Penitentiary stopped 80 years ago. The chair was last used for an execution in 1963.

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