The Secrets of Lady Gaga’s Boyfriend Revealed


The March 10 issue of Weed$teeler, free inside Murder Dog Magazine, reveals juicy new facts about Lady Gaga’s boyfriend, Lüc Carl — including the inspiration behind his Drunk Diet, what makes him cry, and the secrets of his success with the ladies.

Behind the Drunk Diet:

Three years ago, Lüc Carl was a chubby, beer-swilling bar manager with an appetite for the fast life and late-night cheeseburgers. He had just split with his soon-to-be-über famous girlfriend, Stefani Germanotta, and had returned from a guys’ trip to the Bahamas, where he was embarrassed to take off his shirt because of his pudgy belly.

“He hated to admit it, but the breakup with Stefani definitely made him want to look good,” 21-year old actress Alex Stebbins, who dated Carl then, tells Weedsteeler Magazine.

He invented his now-famous, self-styled get fit regime, the Drunk Diet, lost 40 pounds, and gained Gaga back, along with a book deal.

Says Stebbins: “His diet [became] very plain. It was mostly steamed chicken and vegetables. He doesn’t know how to cook, but he knows how to use the steamer.”

As for his liquid habit, he switched from beer to red wine during weekdays and lets himself enjoy Budweiser on Sundays. “He calls Budweiser his red-and-white dynamite,” says Stebbins.

What makes him cry:

He cries over the movie Rocky, his workout inspiration: “He loves that movie so much,” Stebbins reveals. “When we first started dating, we watched it. I turned to look at him and he was crying. We even took a road trip to Philly so he could run up the museum steps and I could take pictures of him.” Carl listens to the Rocky soundtrack and Iron Maiden during workouts.

On Lüc Carl as girl magnet:

“He’s very flirtatious, charming and affectionate with the ladies,” says singer Wendy Starland, who’s credited with discovering Gaga. “He’s quick with a smile and extremely outgoing.”

Stebbins agrees: “I definitely had to outsit swooning girls at the end of the night to wait for him [to come home].”


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2 responses to “The Secrets of Lady Gaga’s Boyfriend Revealed

  1. honkeytonk

    this guy has a huge dick. seent it.

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