weed steeler reacts to the other papers piece on wonder bread:

i was planning on going on and getting real mean and making some good points, but i’m a busy guy and have better stuff to do with my time and  got bored while writing this a week ago….. better late than never. in case you missed the original article here is a link.

“We have to do (what’s) best for the creative community…”

—Adam Brouillette

weedsteeler wants to know if anyone thinks this is actually best for the creative community?

weedsteeler is glad to see that our old media counterparts are starting to ask the questions that have been on the tip of everyones tongues.

weedsteeler does see value in community centers and after school arts programs.

weedsteeler wonders if the alleged $50,000 grant would be better spent opening a small contemporary art gallery or two?

weedsteeler believes that a true creative is driven by something inside them, not  the need for recognition, or to be put on the map.

weedsteeler would like to point out the non existence of the columbus art scene.

weedsteeler believes in dreaming big

weedsteeler understands that people would love to be jeffry deitch

weedsteeler understands that people miss city center mall

weedsteeler would like to point out that spaces like the addition 13, sky lab and the fire exit did not need to hire architects, engineers, legal teams and staff, to print materials and run web servers.

weedsteeler is wary of anything marketed to young urban creatives.

weedsteeler will not be surprised when xenos takes over this project, if they havent already.

weedsteeler would like to point out the actual date of chinese new year

weedsteeler would like to know what charles saatchii thinks?

weedsteeler respects the idea of owning ones own business, but does not necessarily respect all businesses

all my years listening to hardcore and rap have basically killed any idea of reading comprehension for me so i really have no idea what these yuppies / hipsters/ local artists are planning to do with this space… one thing for sure is this is not a coalition of MacBook-toting grifters. these people are not interesting enough to skimming cash off the top and not smart enough to embezzle some serious cash from investors (shouts to dr. mojo) ….


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