The Life and times of a real white boy

Man admits stealing jewelry from corpse

(Weed$teeler La raza newswire) -A former employee of a company that transported bodies to the Franklin County morgue pleaded guilty this week to theft for stealing from a dead woman.

Darrell D. Lydelle, 30, of 87 N. Yale Ave., could be sent to prison for a year when he is sentenced on May 24 by Common Pleas Judge Julie M. Lynch.

His estranged wife, Erica D. Hobbs, 28, of 2045 Sullivant Ave., was placed on probation for two years after she pleaded guilty to one count of receiving stolen property in the case. She will be sent to prison for one year if she violates the terms of her probation, Lynch said.

Hobbs also was ordered to pay $150 in restitution.

Erica D. Hobbs

Erica D. Hobbs


Assistant Prosecutor Donald Miller said Lydelle stole two pieces of jewelry from a dead woman on Dec. 14, 2009, while working for J.W. Forney Ground Transportation. He said Hobbs sold one of the pieces at a Near East Side pawnshop four days later.

Lydelle’s brother Derek, also a J.W. Forney employee, was arrested and accused of selling one of the stolen pieces at the same pawnshop but was never indicted.

J.W. Forney fired the Lydelle brothers after their arrests. Franklin County did not renew its contract with the company last year at the recommendation of Coroner Jan Gorniak.

Deputy sheriffs began investigating after Gorniak received a tip that one or more employees of J.W. Forney had stolen from bodies on the way to the morgue.



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2 responses to “The Life and times of a real white boy

  1. Derek Lydelle

    It sure is nice to see concerned citizens in the world. But I am convinced after reading these comments about this article, and reading the comments from previous articles that were posted about me when this case first started and people wanted to blame an innocent individual like myself. To me it just show’s how unintelligent people are, people run with the first thing they hear or see and want to run down a hard working person character. Just like when the news ran segments about me and said that I was the one who stole the necklace, when I did not start working for the company until 2010. Everyone on here wants to talk about God and the life beyond this one, I sure hope you don’t think your going to a good place, you should judge anyone and talk down upon anyone unless you know all the facts. Don’t just jump on the band wagon of condemning people because technically that would make you no better than any individual who commits any type of crime. But hey, really if you have nothing better to do with your life then sit and around and talk sh*t about people because of what you read, by all means go ahead if it makes you feel better! Just know the fact! At least give someone a fair trial! D*ickhead!!

  2. steak

    Let me break a couple of things down to you. First, no one on here talks about god. Second, no one here wants to go to a good place unless that place is whale fish or that jamacian place that served goat outside of Bexley. Third, all humanity should be condemned, ourselves included. See you in the pits, browe.

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