Rare ‘Corpse Plant’ Blooming At Ohio State

Weedsteeler HQ wire – COLUMBUS, Ohio — Biologists at The Ohio State University said it is like waiting for the birth of a baby.

But this one is a plant that is nine years in the making, 10TV’s Tino Ramos reported on Friday.

The plant, called Titan Arum, has been growing from a seed that was planted nearly a decade ago, but what makes it so rare is that is has never bloomed, until now.

Last year in Cleveland, a Titan Arum bloomed, displaying a purple flower.

And experts said when it blooms you’ll know it.

Nicknamed the “corpse plant,” its blooms have a strong odor, Ramos reported.

“It happens to do that with a really horrible stench of rotting flesh,” Leonard said.


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