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11 responses to “THAT NEW J-WOODY

  1. djcashola

    this made my morning. having a song about weed and only having enough weed for 2 blunts, and block O ohio state neck tattoos are the future.

  2. THE RSO

    this is actually good


  3. Pale Horse

    He’s wearing a v-neck

    Someone promote this man

  4. Smoke

    Dude has one of those crappy stereo’s sitting on top of his big screen TV which means he hasn’t upgraded to LCD/LED.

    It’s in situations like this where rappers need to ask “What would Birdman do?”

    One of many possible answers: Not shoot a video in the waterlogged basement of your rented house on Champion.

  5. fred jackson

    At least he isnt a hipster at skully’s? GFC Get Fresh Crew we got condos downtown, and houses in UA.

  6. honkeytonk

    The dude in the hat works at Memento in Grandview.

  7. Smoke

    Weedsteeler should stock this in the store or free with every t-shirt order.

  8. fred jackson

    oh no, he doesnt have a led, omg, what a loser. I see the ghetto menrality has seeped into the artsy crowd now.


    fred, you need to learn how to take critique…

  10. Smoke

    I am thrilled that someone has noticed my artistic ghetto side.

  11. fred jackson

    T woody rep for the city, go hard for the hood, and he still posted on the block, whats good.

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