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I was watching the world series tonight while waiting for Gossip Girl to come on and noticed a peculiar new sports accessory trend.

Apparently, people are debating whether these Phiten chains are a placebo or a legitimate source of energy from titanium.  I don’t know what to make of any of this except that it looks dumb as fuck.

Picture 18Picture 6Picture 7Picture 8

Dudes need to grow a set and start wearing some real futuristic/holistic/new age shit like the crystal chain below.

Picture 19

I mean a pitcher could essentially just carry some of these rocks in they pocket.  Nahmean?  Much cooler.

Picture 20

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M E T H ! ! !

love art and the art world.

this is by mark flood. his website is blocked on my work comp.
google him.

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friday the 13th…

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