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The Madness of a Lost Society



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The Quarter Eagle

Here is a fine investment tool for the year 2009, The United States Quarter Eagle. This proud, handsome gold coin had a face value of $2.50 and was minted between 1796 and 1929 in the following six styles:

Turban Head (1796–1807)
Draped Bust (1808)
Capped Head, shown above (1821–1834)
Classic Head (1834–1839)
Liberty Head (Coronet) (1840–1907)
Indian Head (1908–1915, 1925–1929)

Few coins were minted prior to 1834 and because of poor quality strikes any coin issued before 1854 and found today in proof condition will command a wicked premium. Refrain from the most recent Indian Head design as more than 250,000 coins were issued each year (1911 Denver coins an exception).

Just over 10% of the coin is composed of gold (approximately .121 troy ounces). At the time of this posting, Gold is trading at $863.70 an ounce in London meaning the pure gold value in each coin is around $104. But the sophisticated readers of this publication will certainly recognize that the Numismatic value of these coins will command three times that price in even Very Good or Fine condition.

As always savvy investors, do not make significant purchases of rare coins within the state of Ohio as you will be forced to pay sales tax. Better to contact a purveyor of coins beyond state lines and purchase a quantity large enough to haggle for free shipping.

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