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Ruining OKCupid



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Ruining OKCupid

After sending the above message, I was alerted that “ClamSlam” was viewing my profile. I then initiated the following conversation via the built-in instant messaging (length warning):
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Ruining OKCupid


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spring time thinspiration

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Dear Weed$teeler: female clumsiness edition

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Most clown figures are male. Most clowns tumble and pratfall. Clumsiness is out of character for men. Is this a significant clue in deciphering the mystery of the recent outbreak of female clumsiness?

It seems like no mystery that since the birth of clowning and mockery as entertainment from court jesters and the Commedia dell’Arte, all employ extravagant costuming and facepaint. This originally was done to lampoon the female and make her tastes and preferences seem ridiculous.
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I need to be a camp counselor

Thanks to Cashola for finding @ Get Right Blog.

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Copped this at a yard sale

Does anyone need a sex slave?


Actually, it’s a Bang & Olufsen Beomaster 1900 receiver with heat sensitive buttons and other features that only the Danish could want.

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