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THIS WEEK IN TERROR PART 2: inflight security eased…

CHICAGO/WASHINGTON (weed steeler mid east  travel office) – seeing as we are the only publication in this city with multiple offices across the country, and send or contributors on regular trips i figured we would offer some Post terror airline content……. also. fuck jet blue.

The U.S. Transportation Security Administration (TSA) will now give air captains discretion over when commercial airline passengers can move about the cabin and what they can have on their laps. Continue reading


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new "code of conduct" aka look what we got our hands on…..

look what jsut got ahold of!!!!!
—-a co worker was over in pakistan and picked up a little gift for there most fav dot com…..

Chapter 1: Security
Any Muslim can invite anyone working for the slave government in Kabul to quit their job and remove themselves from the corrupt administration.

The new code of conduct issued by the Taliban originated from Pakistan.

Chapter 2: Prisoners
It is strictly prohibited to exchange prisoners for money. Killing can only be decided by the Imam or his deputy. Noone else has the right to do so.

If a military infidel is captured, any decision to kill, conditionally release or exchange such a prisoner can only be made by the Imam or his deputy.

Chapter 7: On the Mujahideen
Suicide attacks should be at high value and important targets because a brave son of Islam should not be used for low value and useless targets. In suicide attacks the killing of innocent people and damage to their property should be minimized.

Chapter 10: Regional Issues
All Mujahideen must do their best to avoid civilian deaths and injuries and damage to civilian property.

Chapter 11: Regarding prohibited things
Weapons used to be taken from people by force, this practice is no longer permitted. But people may hand over their weapons voluntarily.

No Mujahid is allowed to smoke.

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A male who has not yet grown a beard may not stay in a common sleeping area with other men.

It is forbidden to disfigure people. For example the cutting off of ears, nose and lips are severely prohibited. Mujahideen should refrain from such activities.

Mujahideen of the Islamic Emirate should not collect donations from people forcibly. People should be free to choose who they want to give to.

Mujahideen should not search people’s homes. If there is a need to do this, they should get permission from authority and the search should be done in the presence of the imam of the local mosque and two elders.

Kidnapping for ransom is strictly prohibited.

Chapter 12
Mujahideen must be well behaved, and treat the people properly, in order to get closer to the hearts of civilian Muslims.


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packing light

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As vacation winds down…

What’s up yall. I’m in the Dallas airport watching the bills pats game on a plasma screen and decided to check in. Number one I wanted to say go dolphins, these crazy fuckers won one game in 2000 now they are ballin like the marlins a couple years back and Miami as a city probably does not care because they ate busy drinking coladas and pretending I 95 is the set of a fast and furious movie.
Also CNN was just talking about “restarting” the economy as if it were a fucking computer. Print fest is not going to work, try again you dummies.

I wanted to also address the fact that San francisco is as crazy as when I left it. People talk to themselves on the bus like it’s a therapy session, women with British accents ask for 2 dollars, dudes get hyphy in the pizza joiny, cabbies actually run people over and kill them, and people fist fight in hotel lobbies and dive bars and threaten to hit Felipe with a louis bag. This is a magical place I’m talking about.

Fuck the patriots, blogging on an iPhone, sleeping, and the airline industry in general.
Hail satan, au Bon pain, ap magazine, and barneys.

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thought this was great……..

heres a link to the explanatino over at bryanboy……..

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dude. so i got a pack from poland the day after i left from my dude marek/vaginal luftwaffe prods. and alison gets a hold of it. she opens it thinking she could send some of the stuff with a pack she is sending me already, and on the phone shes like: “you got 4-way grind pornado, rectal cumshot/amputee masturbation, grossmember and something i cant read, and this one i cant tell what the cover is”. i asked her if it was porn or gore, and she said she doesnt even know that. HA!
alright you fucking asshole – see you in june!
love from dylan

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A friend once said there are two kinds of restaurants in columbus. good ones and ones that are good, for columbus.
unfortunately there are more of the latter.

i have just found out we our fair city lost one of our real gems last month.
Im off to nyc and atl for a concert, some exhibits, and a party or two in a few hours, so i decided to swing by The Linden cafe to get the southern breakfast. this menu item included scrambled eggs, grits, toast (wheat), and two massive pieces of catfish. it was one of my top five dishes in columbus. IT WAS AMAZE!!!! i died every time i had it. This black run/ owned biz was always packed. The staff was amazing, especially the beyond light skinned girl with the rugged home tattoos.

After a three year stretch Linden cafe has shut it doors. They a had a statement taped into the window…………

A sad day for columbus dining.

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