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NFL 2010 Week Two: Running The Hail Satan

Week One was loaded with full blown AIDS. Sick from top to bottom. The story of the games that I watched was defense (Steelers/ Packers/ Redskins). Of course, lackluster offense didn’t help either (Falcons/ Eagles (before Vick)/ Cowboys). There were plenty of teams that might have been AIDS sick at the start of the season but when they got out to play only showed a headcold (Bengals/ Colts/ 49ers). We’ll see if their symptoms develop as the season wears on. PICKS!!!

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Death to Old Media. Long Live Old Media.

We here at Weedsteeler World Wide really don’t care for old media. It’s long dead and in this town is an especially bloated corpse of un-opinionated, right-wing, cult run, advertisements for shitty suburban corporate pizza places. The fact is we all know if you are going to be a right-wing organization you need cool uniforms. If you are going to be in a cult, the theme should not be imposter indie rockers finding God but space religions or something real weird. Fuck suburban chain pizza  places and I would rather read bad reviews instead of cult members servicing “friend-rock” bands using hand sanitzier as lubricant.

That said, Columbus now has a new newspaper. It is called The Slammer. The theme of the Slammer is mugshots from Franklin County (though it is sold in a few different states with each issue featuring mugshots based upon where it is sold). Weedsteeler loves (glamour) mug shots. I took this to one of my finals and a sorority girl was appalled  which should tell you The Slammer is a must buy. Catch some ill flicks of wild latinos with face tattoos, methed out grandma and other assorted total shit maniacs. The shit is done up tabloid style with some stories about murderers and local food eatery infractions (EASY STREET- ya’ll got mold in the ice maker?!)  Cop it at the Shell station on Hudson and 71. It’s only a dollar. It will be the best dollar you’ve spent since that Marshall Barnes suck and fuck in Weiland Park.

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