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COLUMBUS, Ohio—Columbus Mayor Michael Coleman is seeking reelection in 2011.

The mayor’s spokesperson, Dan Williamson, confirmed the information Tuesday morning. Continue reading

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Weedsteeler presents: Columbus Murder Epidemic Week

As any of our “Loyal” readers already knows, The weedsteeler staff, has had an abnormal amount of coverage on the current “Murder Epidemic” in Columbus Ohio.  I am sure our readers are asking themselves “why do these jokers keep writing about these stupid murders?  all we want is weird animated gifs and unlistenable internet rap…”.  Well i honestly could not answers such a confusing question, and i don’t know if i agree with shining a light onto such an unsettling trend in crime.  But since the Mayors office is only interested in organizing HALF BAKED ARTS FESTIVALS and DUMPING MILLIONS OF DOLLARS INTO AN ARTS FACILITY AT A DUSTY OLD BREAD FACTORY, we figured it is our CIVIC DUTY to warn the citizens of the CRIME WAVE engulfing the city.

That said, we will not be covering the “ART SUBCULTURES” of columbus ohio, because MAYOR COLEMAN has that covered… instead we will be covering the RAMPANT DISREGARD FOR HUMAN LIFE that has taken this fine city by storm.  hopefully none of us get murdered by OSU political Science majors functioning as bumbling henchmen for the mayor coleman.  Columbus ohio is no longer safe, and it will not be until the OLD MEDIA continues to follow our lead and EXPOSE the unseen unheard Bloodbath that is taking this town by storm.

Keep watching, and Stay Satan.

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most of these flicks have disappeared as far as i know.

pulled this from rausch’s blog.

stock tips touch and tone. this is wayyyyyy before hipster graffiti became a thing….if anyone has any taco mouse box head thug mayor flicks hit me up.


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Picture 23

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